The Booth

    The booth’s set up is simple and straight forward. It starts with professional cameras, the very same ones I use to shoot with as a photographer. Each camera has professional quality lenses and is attached to a light stand. At the top of the light stand there’s a studio strobe light and an umbrella diffuser to make the flash emit really soft and beautiful light. The Camera is attached to a laptop and LCD monitor that displays the picture right away so you get to see what the pictures look as soon as their taken. Lastly, if on site printing was purchased then there is a 4×6 inch laser printer attached to the laptop so guests can select pictures they want printed right then and there at no cost to your guests.

    I have 2 booths like this that can run simultaneously, and the picture quality is second to none.

    PQ.Valentinessmall071A prom themed Valentines Day concert with a beautiful couple impeccably dressed up for the night. This picture was taken the same night as the last two pictures of the booth in the gallery below so you can see how the booth works and the resulting photos.