Email me to book a photobooth at your event!

If the venue doesn’t have a suitable background that’s no problem. I can bring my own backdrops and install them at your venue. No matter what size space you have I have something that will not only work but look great. My set up includes a monitor attached to the camera so you get to instantly see the pictures as they are taken.

Chris&Fae.small006This booth was set up in a little pink room for a wedding since pink was the bride’s and groom’s favorite color. Look at those cheerful bridesmaids!

Photobooth Rates

  • Basic rate:
    $700 for 4 hours. All pictures posted online within 24 hours
    + $50 for each additional hour
    + $100 for on site printing (unlimited prints)

    The basic rate includes:
    - Photographer at the booth controlling the camera,
    - Live view monitor
    - Professional lighting
    - Box of props and costume pieces
    - Backdrop (if necessary at venue). Your choice of color
    - Pictures provided next day in a private online gallery
    - Optional Facebook gallery
    - Full resolution files on a CD for the client

    Low resolution, watermarked files free to download for all your guests while full resolution files will be available for purchase. Client gets full access to high resolution files.
  • Additional Options:
    - Custom background with graphics or logo - $50
    - Unlimited On Site printing - $100
  • Travel fee:
    All events within Seattle city limits have no travel fees.
    + $20 for events 5 miles outside of Seattle City Limits
    + $50 for events 20 miles outside of Seattle City Limits
    + $100 for events 40 miles outside of Seattle City Limits