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My name is Danny Boulet and I’ve been a ballet and modern dancer most of my life. When I was a child my parents would give me the camera at family gatherings to take pictures and I would run around trying to take pictures of everyone. I never once thought I would be here taking photography seriously but here I am. A few years ago I got a small little camera to take product photos of the designs I was making for my small business and not too long after that I decided to get lighting equipment and a studio set up and that was as far as I figured I would go. One day it clicked that I could take pictures of people again and it just went downhill (in the best of ways) from there! I bought the nicest camera and lenses I could and I’ve been feeling like that little child with a silly grin on his face running around taking pictures all over again.

My background as an artist and dancer gives me a great foundation for photography. As an illustrator I learned composition and how to use shadows and color to help tell a story as well as how to make people look great in a frame. As a dancer I learned about timing and how to anticipate people’s movement so I hit the shutter at the right time. Toss in my philosophy that if I’m going to do something I’m going to do it well and boom, with lots of practice and study you’ve got a great photographer.

As the countless people I’ve worked with in the past can attest I make every photoshoot a relaxed and pleasant experience and present myself and my work in the utmost professional light. Getting your picture taken is already stressful in and of itself so you don’t want a photographer that will add to those anxieties, but one that will work with you, listen to what you want, guide you through the process, and get the best results. That’s exactly what I do.